Alexandre Cortinhas (b. 1982 Corunna, Galicia). I started as an intern with the galician photographer Jose Luis Villalba. Later I worked with Animatium, an entertainment company for fashion and other events. In 2009 I moved to London and I had the opportunity to work with the agency Spotlight, the magazine The New Internationalist and with SoonNight. In 2013 I was invited by Ideas Tap to a workshop with the Magnums photographer Eli Reed in London. In 2014 I started to shoot a new photographic series Nocturna, that I have exhibited in Galicia (Corunna, Ribadavia, Santiago de Compostela) and France (Paris and Toulouse). Currently I am living in Toulouse. My photography is based on spaces, people, words, images, movies, music and all kind of experiences that live around or within me. All these external stimuli provide me with ideas that are taking shape, showing me a way to experiment and to learn. My images are mostly composed of individuals, objects or isolated landscapes. I visualize and represent the world as a space of beauty, of poetry, a mixture of romanticism and irony. I seek beauty in all its sense, without limits and without borders. I am searching the quietude, the moment when soul is struck. I am looking for ART.

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